Puisi dengan bahasa Inggris

29 Apr

Contoh Puisi : To my Beloved Ex

I want to hold you
But I know I can’t block your way
Even if we we were together
We’ll always be separated
Because our paths are different
Sorry, I may hurt you
It was too painfull to us
But I’ve decided to follow my own path in life
Sometimes I hate to be honest that my feeling never change
And my heart also ask around “do you?”
Now you’re fine in your own
No love No hate
And here I am who always pray for you
Hope you always get your happiness
Love you as always my beloved ex

Puisi Bahasa Inggris : To My Dearet

Hey dear
Do you remember me as I remember you?
Do you love me as I love you?
Actually I don’t care
Whatever you do whatever you say my feeling will never change
I’ll love you as always however you are
I’ll stand up for you forever
I love you on the way you are
But if you do wrong I will always remind you
I’ll never let you fall
I’ll do everything to be your anything
Hope there are red threads between us
Which will connect us each others

Puisi : You are My Hope

Meet you is a luck
With you in my side is a precioust gift
Thanks God for send you to me
I want to be with you even after the world not axis
Hope I can be your guardian angel who always take care of you
Hope you can be a better person when you with me
Hope I can give you happiness
Hope we will last forever
Actually you are my only hope


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