bookmark Margahayuland

25 Mei

In addition to de Griya site is also very strategic, which makes investment in housing and offer all Margahayuland is still high with the passage of time. In terms of concept and design with a lovely atmosphere, making pengguni residents will feel comfortable and safe. The above is a luxury project successfully developed by Margahayuland companies in Indonesia. It became clear that in segani Margahayuland worth on the world stage in the country’s property. Proof of the bookmark Margahayuland greatness of this Margahayuland can take a look at the various awards given by the glorious achievements in torehkan By Margahayuland best developers in terms of real estate, both nationally and internationally.

Awards proud and impressive awards, which include: the construction of low-income housing first state achievement given by BTN (National Savings Bank). "Given by (CIEMIP, Spain). Ideal residential development company in Bandung" European Quality Gold Star "is given by (CIEMIP, Spain.) And for the Gold Cup" awarded by leading companies (Pt Welfare Council.). Simple healthy development pilot house "Given by the (Ministry of Settlements and Regional Infrastructure RI). Development Housing Works Association modest" given by the (Ministry of Settlement and Regional Infrastructure RI). Operation proves that this Margahayuland and experienced professionals in the field of real estate business.


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