profile Margahayuland

25 Mei

Objectivity and equipped with a Moroccan-style worship. In order to get a more detailed picture of the reader can observe the location where the site plan and location of housing de Marrekesh. For more information, you can contact the central office or the Office of Marketing: Articles with profile Margahayuland enterprise class dedicated for my birthday (birthday) Margahayuland that pass in the world for 42 years and has become a leading property company in the field of Mother Earth. I think, here the reader already knows a lot about the companies working in the field of property and real estate.

And if there are readers who still do not know, it would be nice if you listen to this short article to learn more about this company. Ranging from small things, thanks to the hard work balanced with experience (skills) and make believe this company turned out to be big and famous companies in the world of property and real estate in Indonesia. If we look at the history Margahayuland 42 years ago and to this day, and we will see a constant struggle that has been done by all parties to be a part of this institution. The History Margahayuland MARGAHAYULAND foundation began its history in the era of 70 years, especially in 1971, at which time the company using the name and Margahayuland PT Margahayu Arabia at the time,


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